Inspired Heights, Inc

Our Mission
Inspired Heights exists for the sole purpose of bringing glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the maintenance, repair, and restoration of His Church.

What We Do
Inspired Heights combines the techniques of the past with the technology of today. This allows us to offer a less intrusive, more affordable, church restoration of the highest quality.

Our History
As a third generation steeplejack, Tony Stratton learned to combine the best of old fashioned craftsmanship with current technical advances. Of the various types of construction Tony experienced as a steeplejack he most enjoyed churches. The history, architecture, and artistic detail always fascinated Tony while giving him the opportunity to serve the church he loves.

For this reason in 1993 Tony started his own steeplejack company that would specialize in the restoration and preservation of churches. Over the years Tony continued to expand through continual training and building of a diversified team. Originally called Tony Stratton-Steeplejack this company has grown to become Inspired Heights, Inc. a leader in steeplejack services and church restoration.

Tony Stratton Steeplejack

Tony Stratton - Steeplejack - 1993

Who is Inspired Heights?

He has shown us kindness... He has granted us new life to rebuild the house of our God and repair its ruins -- EZR 9:9b

Steeplejack Tony Stratton